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2 03, 2022

What Makes a Great Tire and Wheel Cleaner?


Every passionate car enthusiast understands the value of dedicated detailing chemicals. While there are some tremendous all-purpose cleaners on the market today, sometimes you need a product that has a dedicated application. The best detailers on the planet are willing to pay a premium for high-quality detailing products that work well, save time, and produce exceptional results. With all that said, the question many DIY enthusiasts and pro-detailers ask is, what makes a product a great tire and wheel cleaner? In short – the best tire and wheel cleaning detailing supplies will work for every type of wheel or tire and be 100% safe to spray on the brake system and suspension components. Many special wheel cleaners use iron removal chemical agents, but they’re not recommended for all-wheel types. Plus, [...]

What Makes a Great Tire and Wheel Cleaner?2023-06-30T13:26:36-05:00
11 02, 2022

Tips for Protecting Ceramic Coatings on Cars


Let’s be honest – ceramic coating installation is not cheap. Those who proactively install ceramic coatings to their cars, trucks, SUVs, or off-road vehicles have proven they love their rides. However, with all the different types and manufacturers of coatings on the market today, it can be unclear how to best wash, care for, and protect ceramic coatings on cars. Our goal at Americana Global is to provide real-world, easy-to-understand education – whether you use our detailing or Ceramic Pro paint protection products or not. As such, today’s AmericanaGlobal.com blog is going to focus on the best practices for washing, detailing, and protecting those spray-on or professionally applied nanoceramic coatings. Let’s get right to it. Why Does Ceramic Coating Need Maintenance? One of the biggest myths about ceramic coatings or a polymer sealant is that they don’t need to be washed or maintained once applied. This is [...]

Tips for Protecting Ceramic Coatings on Cars2022-05-03T11:39:44-05:00
9 02, 2022

The Two Must-Have Detailing Supplies for 2022


Over the past five years, there has been rapid growth in the DIY car care detailing market. Whether it's due to the explosion of consumer-grade detailing supply brands or a renewed desire to fall in love with their cars, more American car owners are actively spending time pampering their daily drivers or collectible rides. With that said, every enthusiast wants the best DIY detailing supplies to save them time – without sacrificing the quality of the detailing project.  That's what we'll explore in today's Americana Global blog. We'll introduce you to two MUST HAVE detailing products that everyone should have in their arsenal in the information below. Item #1 – Rinseless Wash If you haven't heard about the diversity of a rinseless wash – you will soon. Among the slew o [...]

The Two Must-Have Detailing Supplies for 20222022-02-11T18:22:17-05:00
9 02, 2022

What’s the Best Surface Prep Spray for Ceramic Coating Installation?


As the saying goes, "the devil is in the details." The simple truth is that any ceramic coating, whether it's a professional nano-ceramic coating or a DIY boost spray, will amplify the condition of the paint underneath. Paint correction is required to optimize automotive paint's depth, shine, and gloss. Professional detailers and DIY enthusiasts will use a Surface Prep Spray to ensure the coating properly bonds before ceramic coating installations. Like all detailing supplies, some are OK and will "WORK" – and others that are optimal. This is a chronic problem, especially when determining the best products to use for a specific task. So – let's explain what a surface prep spray is – what its primary job is – and what product currently on the market is formulated [...]

What’s the Best Surface Prep Spray for Ceramic Coating Installation?2022-02-09T17:46:14-05:00
18 01, 2022

How to Prepare a Car for Ceramic Coating


There are many ways to protect a new or used vehicle's paint job. Whether you prefer to apply natural carnauba wax, a synthetic paint sealant, or a nanoceramic coating, the prep work you complete will amplify the depth, shine, and gloss that you're looking to achieve. That brings us to today's AmericanaGlobal.com blog – providing you with five steps you need to complete to prepare a car for ceramic coating – or any other protective solution. In the information below, we'll break down five tasks that will remove contaminants from your car paint, get rid of swirl marks and paint imperfections, and ensure you have a surgically clean surface to apply your ceramic spray or coating of choice. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2iXK671Skio Step 1 – Decontamination Car Wash The first item [...]

How to Prepare a Car for Ceramic Coating2022-01-19T17:33:42-05:00
3 01, 2022

How to Save Time on Paint Correction


Although this is a job best left to the professionals, it’s possible to save some time on paint correction with a couple of tips from the best professionals in the industry. In today's Americana Global Lab blog, we'll dive into some of the facts about the main pain point with auto detailing - correcting car paint.

How to Save Time on Paint Correction2022-01-19T17:39:00-05:00
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