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  • Americana Global’s Concentrated All-Purpose Cleaner has been engineered for the professional detailer. It is a heavy-duty, highly concentrated formulation that cleans the toughest stains, caked-on dirt, grease, oil, and deep stains. When used as directed, it can be custom diluted for specific detailing tasks, including engine bays, tires, and wheels, bug splatter removal, paint correction decontamination, interior stain removal on textiles, and removing light stains on vinyl & leather materials.
  • Americana Global’s Ready to Use APC (all-purpose cleaner) is a multi-purpose degreasing agent that has been diluted for safe application on different substrates. It simplifies the task of removing stubborn dirt, oil, grease, and grime. It can be used to clean wheels, engine bays, undercarriages, and suspension parts but is gentle enough to treat delicate surfaces – like interiors, plastics, exterior trim, glass, tires, untreated wheels, and even vinyl.
  • Americana Global Ceramic Aftercare Soap is the ultimate 2-in-1 automotive shampoo. Infused with advanced technology, the Americana Global Ceramic Maintenance Shampoo is a multipurpose car soap, used by professional detailers and DIY enthusiasts worldwide. It has been formulated to work with professional-grade nano ceramic coatings offered by Ceramic Pro and other coating companies that offer DIY ceramic coatings. This luxury car shampoo is a pH neutral formulation with aggressive surfactants that remove contaminants that bond to ceramic coatings – leaving a crisp and clean surface. This makes it perfect for removing caked on debris or sticky substances – and allows the ceramic coating to maintain and showcase it’s hydrophobic and protective qualities. Our highly concentrated ceramic soap can be used as a prep shampoo or decontamination car wash – prior to applying a paint protection coating, pre-wash in foam guns or foam cannons or maintenance with your two-bucket method car wash. The dilution ratio for this ceramic maintenance shampoo is 1:256.
  • Ceramic After Care Soap de Americana Global es el último shampoo para automóviles 2 en 1. Fabricado con tecnología avanzada, el shampoo de mantenimiento de Americana Global es un jabón multiuso para automóviles, utilizado por profesionales del detallado automotriz y amantes del “Hágalo Usted Mismo” en todo el mundo. Ha sido formulado para trabajar con los revestimientos nano cerámicos de grado profesional ofrecidos por Ceramic Pro y otras empresas de revestimiento que ofrecen revestimientos cerámicos de aplicación particular. Este Shampoo de lujo para vehículos tiene una formulación de pH neutro con surfactantes agresivos que eliminan los contaminantes que se adhieren a los revestimientos cerámicos, dejando una superficie limpia y nítida. Esto hace que sea perfecto para eliminar los residuos acumulados o sustancias pegajosas, además permite que el revestimiento cerámico mantenga y muestre sus cualidades hidrofóbicas y protectoras. Nuestro jabón cerámico altamente concentrado puede utilizarse como shampoo de preparación o lavado de descontaminación, antes de aplicar un revestimiento de protección de pintura, prelavado con pistolas de espuma o cañones de espuma o como mantenimiento con el método de lavado de dos cubetas. La proporción de dilución para este shampoo cerámico de mantenimiento es de 1:256.
  • Americana Global Ceramic Glass Cleaner is a revolutionary, non-streaking glass cleaner that removes contamination while leaving a protective coating of SiO2 in place. This window tint-safe glass cleaner contains ZERO ammonia-based ingredients yet creates a powerful cleaning effect on your glass. It is safe to use on both interior and exterior glass surfaces as well as ceramic-coated glass surfaces.
  • SiO2 Glass Cleaner de Americana Global es un revolucionario y avanzado limpiador de cristales que no deja manchas y elimina los contaminantes dejando atrás una capa protectora. Este limpiador de cristales seguro para cristales polarizados contiene CERO ingredientes a base de amoníaco, pero mantiene un poderoso efecto de limpieza en sus cristales. Elimina la suciedad más resistente, como aceite, tierra, huellas dactilares y otros contaminantes ambientales. Compuesto de SiO2, el limpiador de cristales de Americana Global añadirá una capa protectora duradera a la superficie del cristal durante meses. Es seguro para usar en superficies de cristal interiores y exteriores, así como en superficies de cristal con revestimiento cerámico.
  • Americana Global Detail Spray es un spray de lavado y detalle sin agua listo para usar. Infundido con una pequeña cantidad de SiO2 y disolventes reducidos. Nuestro spray para detalles se puede utilizar entre lavados de mantenimiento o como un producto independiente en vehículos que no están revestidos. Agrega hasta 2 meses de protección hidrofóbica mientras le da a la pintura de su vehículo un brillo intenso y resbaladizo. Este producto no es abrasivo y no contiene silicona. También es perfecto para el lavado de manchas o el lavado completo de vehículos sin agua y seguro en todos los revestimientos, vinilo y película protectora de pintura.
  • Americana Global Detail Spray is a ready-to-use waterless wash and detailing spray. Infused with a light amount of SiO2 and reduced solvents. Our detail spray can be used between maintenance washes or as a stand-alone product on vehicles that are not coated. It adds up to 2 months of hydrophobic protection while giving your vehicle’s paint a deep, rich shine and slickness. This product is non-abrasive and non-silicone. It is also perfect for spot washing or complete vehicle washing without water and safe on all coatings, vinyl, and paint protection film.
  • The Americana Global Fine Cut Finishing Polish is the perfect final step in the multiple-stage paint correction process. It was engineered for superlative clarity and binary finishing capabilities. When paired with Americana’s proprietary Medium Cut, Fine Cut, or Micro Finishing pads, Fine Cut easily removes DA Haze from previous correction steps, swirls and wash marring, and micro marring.
  • The final step of paint correction is polishing – and our black fine cut pad is the entry point. This pad is firm enough to remove buffing swirls or marring, while forgiving to help provide a perfect finish. It pairs exceptionally well with our Fine Cut polish but can also be used for soft clear coats with our Medium Cut compound for a quick one-step on newer paint jobs.
  • The Americana Yellow Heavy Cut Pad is the most aggressive foam pad in our line-up. This dense foam is designed to remove holograms, clay-induced marring, and swirl marks caused by incorrect washing techniques. When paired with our UltimateCut Compound, it removes imperfections on harder clear coats and gel coats. Its exceptional for removing swirl marks on softer, more-sensitive clear coats when paired with our Medium Cut compound.
  • A professional grade environmental decontamination product. It is specifically engineered to dissolve embedded ferrous-based contaminants such as carbon, iron, and other naturally occurring metallic substances from painted and clear coated surfaces. Industrial fallout is derived by manufacturing processes involving carbon and ferrous-based substances. These microscopic particles are attracted to metallic surfaces (such as vehicle body parts) and eventually bond directly to the surface. Over time, these microscopic materials infuse directly to the substrate, which can lead to scratching or permanent surface damage.


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