Heavy Cut Pad

The Americana Yellow Heavy Cut Pad is the most aggressive foam pad in our line-up. This dense foam is designed to remove holograms, clay-induced marring, and swirl marks caused by incorrect washing techniques. When paired with our Ultimate Cut Compound, it removes imperfections on harder clear coats and gel coats. Its exceptional for removing swirl marks on softer, more-sensitive clear coats when paired with our Medium Cut compound.


Our heavy cutting foam pad is designed to be used with our Ultimate Cut Compound or Medium Cut Compound – during the first step in a multiple stage paint correction. Su tarea principal es eliminar las marcas de remolino, la oxidación y el grabado excesivo en las capas de pintura o gel.

2. Correct

State-of-the-Art compounds and polishes – paired perfectly with the right cutting or finishing pad to achieve a flawless finish.


High Density Yellow foam pad made for correcting swirl marks, etched clear coats, and paint imperfections. Se puede utilizar en pintura de revestimiento transparente, capa de gel y otras superficies duras. Pairs well with our Ultimate Cutting Compound & Medium Cut Compound.


Almohadillas de 6”, 5” y 3”