2. Correct

Fine Cut Pad

The final step of paint correction is polishing – and our black fine cut pad is the entry point. This pad is firm enough to remove buffing swirls or marring, while forgiving to help provide a perfect finish. It pairs exceptionally well with our Fine Cut polish but can also be used for soft clear coats with our Medium Cut compound for a quick one-step on newer paint jobs.


The soft density of our Fine Cut foam pad produces a superior finish during the final phase of paint correction. It’s intended to be used with our finishing polish but maintains cutting ability to remove those tiny imperfections left by previous paint corrective actions.

Micro Finishing Pad

2. Correct

State-of-the-Art compounds and polishes – paired perfectly with the right cutting or finishing pad to achieve a flawless finish.


The Fine Cut Black foam pad is a finishing pad, intended to help remove micro-imperfections during the final phase of paint correction. It’s best paired with our Fine Cut Compound / Polish but can be used with our Medium Cut Compound to help remove smaller clear coat damage during a one-step correction.


6”, 5”, and 3” Pads