2. Correct

Micro Finishing Pad

If your objective is to achieve extreme depth, gloss, and shine, our Micro Finishing Pad will get you there. This ultra-soft finishing pad is designed to enhance the gloss and reflection of the clear coat, to achieve extreme depth that is amplified when you apply a ceramic coating or paint protection film. It pairs perfectly with our Fine Cut polish.


The ultra-soft density of our Micro Finishing Red Foam pad produces a superior finish during the final phase of paint correction. It’s intended to be used with our finishing polish to produce an elegant finishing touch to complete the paint correction and enhancement process.

Fine Cut Pad

2. Correct

State-of-the-Art compounds and polishes – paired perfectly with the right cutting or finishing pad to achieve a flawless finish.


The Micro Finishing Red Foam pad is our most luxurious finishing pad. It’s an ultra-soft foam that pairs with our Fine Cut compound / polish to deliver superior depth, gloss, and shine.


6”, 5”, and 3” Pads