Signature Ventilation Holes

We were the first company to precision manufacture ventilation holes that perfectly align on backing plates. This design permits air to circulate from the back of the orbital polisher to keep the pad cooler for longer periods of time.

The combination of these attributes helps the pads cut and finish better, run cooler, reduced delamination or glue failures, and last longer. This saves detailers time, allows them to complete paint correction projects quicker, without compromising quality.

The Americana Global Cult / Gloss Scale

To simplify the process of picking the right pad and compound combination, we’ve created a simple to follow cut and gloss scale for each of our paint correction products. The goal is to pair a pad with a compound or polish – to eventually reach a score of 10 which completes the paint correction step.

”The proprietary Americana Global Paint Correction systems utilizes state-of-the art compounds and polishes – paired perfectly with the right cutting or finishing pad to achieve a flawless finish.”

Why Is Exact Fit Important?

When pad overage or excess foam hangs outside the parameter of your backing plate it causes two problems.

  • First, the backing plate digs into the edge of the pad and begins to break down the edges of the pad over time. (Tearing itself apart).
  • Second, when the edge of the pad is broken down it will cause de-lamination and glue issues of the hook and loop from the foam pad.

The exact fit design also allows for more consistent and even pressure of the pad to the paint surfaces. Even and consistent surface pressures equate to more correction power. This also allows the machine to run smoother by eliminating additional drag.
Americana Global exact fit pads with their proprietary ventilation holes allow the pad to run much cooler which for you means:

  • Increased longevity and durability making our pads some of the longest lasting in the industry.
  • Increase the cycle time of your buffing liquids before the carrying solvents are broken down.
  • Increased airflow prolongs the life of the cell structure within the pad which means less pad breakdown.
  • Cooler temps resist common glue failure and delamination of the hook and loop.


We recommend using compressed air and a tornador to clean your pad between passes. This process can allow you to correct a full car with less pads. DO NOT WASH PADS in a washing machine or dryer.

ALWAYS keep pads in supplied packaging, stored in cool, dry areas, and clean after each use. DO NOT keep pads near any solvents or degreasers – as this will break down the backing adhesives and lead to pad failure.