3. Maintain

Ceramic Glass Cleaner

Americana Global SiO2 Glass Cleaner is a revolutionary, advanced, non-streaking glass cleaner that removes contamination while leaving a protective coating in place. This window tint safe glass cleaner contains ZERO ammonia-based ingredients yet creates a powerful cleaning effect on your glass. It breaks through the toughest grime such as oil, dirt, fingerprints, and other environmental contaminants.

Infused with SiO2, Americana Global’s glass cleaner will add a lasting protective coating on your glass surface for months. It is safe to use on both interior and exterior glass surfaces as well as ceramic coated glass surfaces.

Ceramic Glass Cleaner

3. Maintain

Our user-friendly and environmentally conscious products are scientifically formulated to work with multiple protective products – ranging from Nano Coatings to Paint Protection Films.


Window Tint Safe Glass Cleaner. This product has been formulated for Ceramic Pro KAVACA Window Films – and other professional-grade window tints. It is ammonia free, sourced from natural ingredients, and is eco-friendly.


16oz & 1-Gallon Container

Ceramic Glass Cleaner

For Optimal Results

  • Shake well prior to use.
  • Always avoid spraying Americana Global SiO2 Glass Cleaner on any surface that is warm to the touch – and never in direct sunlight.
  • Spray a fine mist over the area you wish to clean.
  • Wipe off with a clean glass-specific microfiber cloth.
  • Flip microfiber to dry side and wipe any remaining product for a streak free finish.

WARNING: DO NOT SWALLOW. If ingested, please seek medical attention immediately.

One Step for Minor Imperfections


Our proprietary formula does not utilize ammonias, which commonly leave streaks on automotive windows. A blend of natural-occurring soaps and degreasing agents remove haze, surface debris, and contaminants – leaving behind a crisp and visually-enhancing automotive glass surface.

Nano Ceramic Abrasive Technology


We’ve discovered a way to infuse silicon dioxide or SiO2 into our automotive glass cleaner. This leaves a protective layer on top of the window or window film. For outside automotive glass, it helps improve the hydrophobic properties – which improves visibility during rain or snowstorms.

Eco Friendly Water Based Compound


We’ve infused a cinnamon scent into this tire and wheel cleaner. While it does not impact performance of the product, it does enhance the user experience.

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Americana Global Catalog