1. Prepare

Surface Prep Spray

Americana Global Residue & Oil Remover is scientifically formulated to prepare a surface for paint correction, or installation of paint protection products. It is designed to remove existing waxes, polymers, oils, and residue – leaving your substrate surgically clean and prepped before and after paint correction.

Surface Prep Spray

1. Prepare

Prep detailing products allows professionals and DIY enthusiasts to accomplish this phase quicker, faster, and more cost-effective.


Decontamination of Surface Debris (Pre and Post Paint Correction). Used as a stripping agent – to remove residue, wax, oil, grease, and soaps.


16oz, 32oz & 1-Gallon Container

Surface Prep Remover

For Optimal Results

  • Use solvent-resistant gloves.
  • Do NOT use it on any surface that is hot to the touch. Avoid using in direct sunlight.
  • Use a lint-free microfiber cloth for removal and buffing.
  • Saturate the desired surface and let stand 1 minute before removal.
  • Always test the product on a small inconspicuous area for an adverse reaction.
  • Use one towel to do your first wipe, second clean towel for final buffing.
  • Do not use on a freshly painted surface (adhere to manufacturing guidelines).

*If you’re going to use our Surface Prep Spray indoors, please make sure to wear an N-95 mask to protect your respiratory system from potential long-term impacts.

WARNING: DO NOT SWALLOW. If ingested, please seek medical attention immediately.

Easy-to-Use Spray Nozzle


Always ensure your surface is surgically clean before installa-tion, it’s the key to longevity and producing that amazing shine. Americana Global Surface Prep Spray was initially formulated as a prep product to be used right after paint correction. This permits the ceramic coating to bond directly to the substrate – which provides a stronger installation, helps the coating last longer, and performs better.

Ready to Use


We formulated our Surface Prep Spray as a ready-to-use product – meaning there is no wasting time trying to find that perfect dilution ratio to mix yourself. This not only saves you time, and money – but also reduces the potential of damage to soft surfaces like window seals and exterior trim pieces. Simply spray it on the surface, wipe it clean with a fresh microfiber towel – then flip the towel over to remove the excess.

PPF & Vinyl Installation


This oil and residue remover is also exceptional for prepping a surface for paint protection film and vinyl. These products de-pend on adhesives to bond to paint clear coats. When you use Americana Global Surface Prep Spray as directed, the vinyl or PPF will bond easier, quicker, and with more integrity. This helps ensure longevity, extends your product lifespan, and saves you time.

Safe for Indoor or Outdoor Use


Unlike concentrated IPA or paint strippers, Americana Global’s Surface Prep Spray is safe to use indoors (with proper ventilation) or outside. While we don’t recommend using the product in direct sunlight, or on a surface that is warm to the touch, it can be sprayed and applied in outdoor conditions. This makes it convenient for professional detailers with auto salons, mobile technicians, or the DIY enthusiast.

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