Over the past five years, there has been rapid growth in the DIY car care detailing market. Whether it’s due to the explosion of consumer-grade detailing supply brands or a renewed desire to fall in love with their cars, more American car owners are actively spending time pampering their daily drivers or collectible rides. With that said, every enthusiast wants the best DIY detailing supplies to save them time – without sacrificing the quality of the detailing project. 

That’s what we’ll explore in today’s Americana Global blog. We’ll introduce you to two MUST HAVE detailing products that everyone should have in their arsenal in the information below.

Item #1 – Rinseless Wash

If you haven’t heard about the diversity of a rinseless wash – you will soon. Among the slew o new auto detailing supplies introduced in recent years, the rinseless wash is gaining a lot of momentum with pro, mobile, and enthusiasts – and finding a home in a DIY car care kit. A rinseless wash is a new technology that encapsulates dirt and debris and makes it easier to wash a vehicle without rinsing it with fresh water. It’s a highly concentrated formulation that can also be used for multiple detailing tasks, including:

Eco-Friendly Car Wash

Car owners living in regions with severe water restrictions understand the struggle of keeping their vehicles clean. From trying to wash cars, trucks, and SUVs during cold winter weather to keeping cars clean in townhomes, apartments, or communities with water restrictions – a quality rinseless car wash is the eco-friendly solution.

There are three easy ways to wash a car via the rinseless method.

Pump Sprayer + Wash Bucket + Drying Towel

A growing technique – used by professional detailing auto spas, mobile detailers, and car enthusiasts is using a pump sprayer with a wash bucket and drying towel. Its simple to wash a vehicle with this method.

Step 1: Spray the vehicle with a pump spray with the 1:256 dilution ratio. This will be your pre-soak – as the soap will start to lift the debris from the car. Some people use a foam gun – but we recommend the pump sprayer – as the spray nozzle use kind of defeats the purpose – ya know? 

Step 2 – Wash with Microfiber Towel in Wash Bucket – same 1:256 dilution. With two gallons of water – pour 1oz of the rinseless wash into the bucket, agitate with the microfiber washcloth or mitt, then wash from top to bottom – left to right.

Step 3 – Dry each panel once finished. Use a dedicated drying towel to finish the job – one panel at a time.

Wash Bucket + Drying Towel

The second method is to eliminate the pump sprayer from the process. As soon as you apply the rinseless solution to the vehicle, it goes to work to break down and lift dirt and debris. Use the wash bucket with the microfiber washcloth or mitt, and dry one panel at a time.

Step 1: Prepare

Detail Spray + Drying Towel

The third way to wash a vehicle is through the detail spray option. With this – you’ll mix the rinseless wash 1:32 – and use like a quick detailer spray. If your car is protected with a ceramic coating or paint sealants, this method makes it easy to clean. 

Clay Bar Lubricant

No full detail job is complete without decontaminating the surface. Whether prepping the car for a ceramic coating, spray wax, or natural carnauba wax installation, clay bar treatment removes deep contaminants. However, to clay a vehicle, you need a good lubricant.

The removal of iron fallout and deep clear coat contaminants is simplified by using Americana Global Rinseless Wash as a clay bar lubricant. We recommend using 1oz of formula per 10oz of water – or 3oz per 32oz spray bottle.

Streak-Free Window Cleaner

Consider using it as a streak-free window cleaner for those searching for another use for a Rinseless Wash. Mix 1/2oz per 32oz spray bottle – or 1oz per two gallons of water, spray on dirty windows and wipe off. Finish by using a drying towel for a streak-free and crystal clear window. The dilution ratio here is 1:128.

You can also use it as an interior detailer (mixed at 1:32) that is great for wiping down dash, vinyl, and plastics. So – if you’re looking for a single liquid chemical that can help you with multiple car detailing tasks, consider adding Rinseless Wash to your shopping cart.

Item #2 – Soap-Based All-Purpose Cleaner

There are a lot of professional detailers who scoff at using an APC. But, those detailing for money and looking to save time embrace using a concentrated APC that is soap-based and offers tons of flexibility.

When used as directed, it can be custom diluted for specific detailing tasks, including engine bays, tires, and wheels, bug splatter removal. It’s also great for paint correction decontamination, interior stain removal on textiles, and removing light stains on vinyl & leather materials.

Unlike some concentrated APC products, Americana Global’s APC is a soap-based solution, meaning it safely cleans build-up, grime, and stubborn debris. It can work in foam cannons as a pre-wash soak (to help remove caked-on debris and wax) – used in spray bottles or mixed in buckets for microfiber towel or scrub brush application.

Heavy-Duty Cleaner

This APC concentrate is a heavy-duty cleaning agent – designed to be used by professional detailers or those with experience using concentrated solutions.

Removes Bugs, Tar, and Sticky Debris 

Our concentrated all-purpose cleaning solution removes the need to purchase alcohol-based cleaning agents. Mix at a ratio of 1:10, spray the liquid onto the vehicle surface, let it dwell for 30 seconds, and scrub off with a microfiber towel.

Great for Engine Bays & Suspension Detailing

Detailing engines and suspension parts caked with grease, oil, and road grime is always challenging. Our concentrated APC allows professional detailers and automotive experts to fine-tune their mix ratio for specific levels of dirt and grime. This is diluted at 1:5.

Interior Cleaner

Did you know that most interior detail sprays are soap-based all-purpose cleaners? It’s true. Most are RTU formulations – diluted at 1:10 to 1:15 (depending on how they are marketed or designed to be used.)

Americana Global

A great soap-based APC concentrate can be diluted 1:10 – for dashboards, vinyl, and textiles (like floorboards, seats, upholstery, and even display screens. If you’re going to use it to clean leather – increase the dilution to 1:20 – or 1:30 for Alcantara leather.

Here are the recommended dilution ratios for Americana Global All-Purpose Cleaner Concentrate:

Recommended Dilution Ratio

1:5 for Tires, Wheels, Suspension, and Engine Bays 

1:10 for Heavy Soiled Interior (textiles), Bug Removal, and Paint Correction Decontamination

1:20 for Light Stains, Vinyl & Leather

We strongly recommend using dedicated chemical agents for specific detailing tasks – like a Wheel Cleaner, Iron & Fallout Removers, Tire Dressing, and Glass Cleaners (for window film). However, these two highly diverse new products can be used safely for most DIY, mobile detailing, even professional detailing tasks. 

Obviously, these two products should be used in conjunction with a dedicated prep and maintenance line-up. Using tools like a pressure washer, vacuums, wash mitt, a tire brush, an air blower, and pH neutral car wash soap will help you properly maintain coatings and other protection solutions. 

However, the waterless or rinseless wash is safe for coatings, PPF, vinyl, and those protected with natural car wax. You can purchase an APC in a concentrate (if you feel comfortable) or a safe-to-use RTU version. If saving money on the best car detailing supplies is on top of your 2022 priority lists, consider using these two products – as you’ll be able to tackle a lot of projects – with two great liquids.

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