Every passionate car enthusiast understands the value of dedicated detailing chemicals. While there are some tremendous all-purpose cleaners on the market today, sometimes you need a product that has a dedicated application. The best detailers on the planet are willing to pay a premium for high-quality detailing products that work well, save time, and produce exceptional results. With all that said, the question many DIY enthusiasts and pro-detailers ask is, what makes a product a great tire and wheel cleaner?

In short – the best tire and wheel cleaning detailing supplies will work for every type of wheel or tire and be 100% safe to spray on the brake system and suspension components. Many special wheel cleaners use iron removal chemical agents, but they’re not recommended for all-wheel types. Plus, they don’t clean tires very well.

A dedicated wheel and tire cleaner, on the other hand, is going to be that all-inclusive solution, allowing you to spray, agitate, and spray off – without staining or damaging any materials. The good news is that Americana Global understands this – and has improved our great Tire and Wheel cleaner to make it user-friendly without compromising quality.

So – let’s break down the top three features of a tire and wheel cleaner that you can have 100% confidence in using – regardless of the tire or wheel type.

Feature #1 – Soap Based Tire and Wheel Cleaner

There are two ways to detail a car – the quick and easy way vs. the RIGHT way. Detailing wheels and tires is the first step in the car maintenance process – and as such, it needs to be completed correctly – to avoid cross-contamination. But you also need to use a chemical cleaning agent that won’t harm other automotive parts and components when you overspray – and with tires and wheels – you’re going to overspray without trying.

Ford Bronco with Dirt on the wheels

The safest type of wheel and tire cleaner is a soap-based cleaning agent. Americana Global Wheel & Tire Cleaner is a soap-based solution with aggressive surfactant foaming and degreasing agents. When you spray the product, the liquid goes to work to break down dirt, road grime, and brake dust. After a few seconds, you’ll agitate with a dedicated tire and wheel brush.

It will not damage the substrate if it’s spread to other materials – such as rubber, plastic, clear coating, vinyl, PPF, ceramic coatings, or bare steel. Other wheel cleaners can’t make that claim.

Feature #2 – Ready-To-Use Formula

Messing with dilution ratios can be tricky for some enthusiasts. While there are some APCs that will get the job done – and are soap-based, as we talked about above – finding that perfect blend to clean tires and wheels takes a lot of trial and error.

Americana Global Wheel & Tire Cleaner

Professional detailing supply manufacturers spend years formulating, testing, fine-tuning, adjusting, and retesting products. When they launch a product, they’ve tried every dilution ratio of a concentrated product to ensure that it’s safe, works as directed, and is effective at accomplishing a specific task.

As such, the second important feature you want to look for in a dedicated wheel & tire cleaner is a product that is ready to use.

Feature #3 – No Added Iron Remover

Brake dust is the leading contaminant that makes wheels and tires dirty. The components that make up the braking system are typically metallic – such as the brake rotors and brake pads. As the two are applied, friction is created, generating heat and eventually causing a fine powder of ferrous-based substances to stick to tires, wheels, clear coatings, and other vehicle materials.

With all that brake dust sticking to vehicles – there must be an easier way to remove it. The truth is – there is. It’s called an iron remover – or ammonium-thioglycolate (the primary raw ingredient). As this chemical is applied to wheels or other solid surfaces, the ammonium-thioglycolate begins to activate – melting the ferrous materials – and dissolving it into a bright-colored liquid (usually purple or red).

While this is an excellent way to deep clean certain wheel types – it’s not 100% safe on all materials. It can cause pitting, scratching, and discoloration on non-coated polished aluminum, chrome, or powder-coated wheels. Many of the industrial wheel cleaners include this raw material. But, as we said before, if you’re looking for the best wheel and tire cleaner – you can’t use a product with this ingredient.

Why Americana Global Wheel & Tire Cleaner is Your Best Option

Americana Global Wheel & Tire Cleaner is the newest evolution of wheel and tire cleaners. The 2-in-1 cleanser is designed to streamline the process of wheel and tire detailing. Our Wheel & Tire Cleaner is a non-acid, high foaming formulation that cuts through brake dust, grime, light corrosion, dirt, and old caked-on tire dressings.

Americana detailing products

This product is safe on all tires, painted or powder-coated (with a clear coat), clear coated, chrome, factory, and ceramic coated wheels.

*PLEASE NOTE: Do NOT use wheels that are warm to the touch. Make sure to spray off wheels and tires with water first before spraying Wheel & Tire Cleaner on them.

Non-Acid Based Cleaner

Some wheel cleaners on the market contain acids – which can cause pitting, surface damage, and cause contamination on brake rotors and pads when sprayed. Americana Global Wheel & Tire Cleaner is an aggressive cleaning agent with strong surfactants that help to dilute brake dust, road grime, and oils – without causing damage to the surface.

Exceptional Tire Cleaner

Our Wheel & Tire Cleaner is simple to spray on – agitate – rinse off solution. It’s designed to break down road grime that can embed inside tire sidewalls and tread. This leaves your tires looking factory-fresh and ready for a non-sling, water-based tire shine.

Easy-to-Use Spray Nozzle

Our 28/410 spray nozzle features a revolutionary high-volume pump mechanism, which delivers an ample cleaning agent onto the vehicle surface. This helps you save time in applying the product, but it also helps reduce overuse, which can save you money.

If you’re looking for the best wheel and tire cleaner to use – for maintenance washing or annual detailing projects, give Americana Global Wheel & Tire Cleaner a try.