Tire & Trim Conditioner

Americana Global Tire & Trim Conditioner is an innovative and eco-friendly protectant and shine enhancer. This water-based formulation has been engineered to produce a long-lasting finish with a deep luster and smooth shine. The unique color-matching technology allows the product to darken weather-damaged tires and trim, helping to restore plastic and rubber materials to a like-new condition. It is an easy to apply, quick-drying, and non-sling tire and trim conditioner.

Tire & Trim Conditioner

4. Protect

Our solutions are designed to provide an extra layer of protection, increasing the depth, gloss, and shine of each vehicle – while protecting their financial investment.


Provides a Shine & Protects Rubber and Plastic Surfaces from damage caused by UV rays.


16oz & 32oz

Tire and Trim Conditioner

For Optimal Results

  • Clean the tire thoroughly with a high-quality tire cleaner. Dry completely prior to application.
  • Apply Americana Global Tire & Trim Conditioner to an applicator and wipe on evenly.
  • Smooth down any streaks or drops.
  • Allow to dry for 30 minutes before using the vehicle. Allow 24 hours to dry before driving in the rain.
  • For ultimate gloss and shine, apply 2 coats.
  • Do NOT use tire shine products on motorcycle tires.

WARNING: DO NOT SWALLOW. If ingested, please seek medical attention immediately.

No Sling Formulation


We’ve engineered our tire and trim conditioner as a water-based product. This allows the tire shine to bond to the substrate and reduces the potential of slinging product on the side of your vehicle.

Restores UV Faded Sidewalls


This innovative tire shine contains color-matching technology which helps to condition rubber and plastic materials. It helps to restore mild fading due to UV damage.

Eco Friendly Water Based Compound


Our water-based tire shine is a 100% biodegradable product. Each product is packaged using recycled and sustainable materials.

Americana Global Catalog

Americana Global Catalog