Pads de Corte y Pulido

  • If your objective is to achieve extreme depth, gloss, and shine, our Micro Finishing Pad will get you there. This ultra-soft finishing pad is designed to enhance the gloss and reflection of the clear coat, to achieve extreme depth that is amplified when you apply a ceramic coating or paint protection film. It pairs perfectly with our Fine Cut polish.
  • The final step of paint correction is polishing – and our black fine cut pad is the entry point. This pad is firm enough to remove buffing swirls or marring, while forgiving to help provide a perfect finish. It pairs exceptionally well with our Fine Cut polish but can also be used for soft clear coats with our Medium Cut compound for a quick one-step on newer paint jobs.
  • Our Medium Cut Foam Pad is appropriately named. This orange pad is the perfect blend of cut and gloss, which allows you to remove light swirl marks and marring, while also helping to improve the depth and shine you are looking to achieve. It pairs perfectly with our Medium Cut compound and can be used to finish your paint correction with our Fine Cut compound. For situations where the vehicle is new or has minor flaws, you can use the Medium Cut foam pad as a one-step polishing pad with our Fine Cut compound/polish.
  • The Americana Global Ultimate Cut Pad is the game changer professional detailers seek. Our proprietary design and hybrid lambswool / foam material allows this pad to cut quickly, with reduced marring and etching. The lambswool and foam-infused pad is designed to remove heavy to medium clear coat defects, and pairs exceptionally well with our Ultimate Cut and Medium Cut Compounds.
  • The Americana Yellow Heavy Cut Pad is the most aggressive foam pad in our line-up. This dense foam is designed to remove holograms, clay-induced marring, and swirl marks caused by incorrect washing techniques. When paired with our UltimateCut Compound, it removes imperfections on harder clear coats and gel coats. Its exceptional for removing swirl marks on softer, more-sensitive clear coats when paired with our Medium Cut compound.
  • Our microfiber cutting pad is designed to remove medium scratches, oxidation, and swirl marks found on clear coats, gel coats, and other solid substrates. The short, yet dense microfiber material quickly attacks imperfections, without leaving significant marring. It can be used with our Heavy or Medium Cut Compounds as the primary combination to remove damage in the paint correction process.


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