2. Correct

Ultimate Cut System

Americana Global Ultimate Cut is the next level of advancement for cutting compounds. Focusing on the minds of professional body shops and detailers, we set out to create an all-new formula that will give an extremely heavy cut, long work cycle, and high gloss finish; saving you time and money on follow up steps. This product replaces our diminishing abrasive 1000-grit compound. The new formulation utilizes nano-ceramic alumina abrasives – which helps tackle the most neglected paint conditions, gelcoat, and fiberglass.

It is a revolutionary formulation that allows easy wipe off with little dust and no sling. Additionally, the new nano-ceramic abrasives help detailers and body shops continue to cut until they’ve achieved the correction they desire. It likewise helps to reduce marring, which streamlines the finishing process, helping detailers save time and money. Americana Global Ultimate Cut works excellent with long-throw Dual Action Polishers and Rotary Buffers. It is body shop safe and VOC compliant.

Ultimate Cut Compund

2. Correct

State-of-the-Art compounds and polishes – paired perfectly with the right cutting or finishing pad to achieve a flawless finish.


Heavy Cutting Compound – for 1000-grit heavy scratches and paint imperfections. Pair with Americana Global Purple Hybrid Pad, Microfiber Pad, or Yellow Heavy Cut Foam Pad for optimal results. Can be used with dual action or orbital polishing machines.


16oz, 32oz & 1-Gallon Container

Ultimate Cut (Compound)


This rapid cut and low dust formula are best paired with Americana Global Crazy Cut Hybrid Cutting Pads, Microfiber, or Max Cut Yellow Foam Pads & Medium Cut Orange Pads.

  • Shake well before use.
  • Always prime the pad prior to starting your correction.
  • Use 4-6 pea size drops per 2-foot by 2-foot section.
  • Spread the Ultimate Cut compound across the entire working area before engaging the buffer.
  • Wipe off residue and inspect the area prior to moving forward with a diminishing abrasive or final cut polishing compound.

WARNING: DO NOT SWALLOW. If ingested, please seek medical attention immediately.

Nano Ceramic Abrasive Technology


This new 1000-grit compound is formulated using nano-ceramic abrasive technology. It helps produce a superior cut, with extended flexibility on cutting – without creating time consuming and paint damaging micro-marring.

Eco Friendly Water Based Compound


Our Ultimate Cut compound is a water-based solution, which is VOC compliant and biodegradable. It can be used in automotive and marine applications.

Easy to Wipe Off


Unlike older 1000-grit compounds, Americana Global Ultimate Cut Compound is easy to wipe off. The lack of excessive oil-based ingredients and fillers helps detailers wipe off residue easily – without leaving fillers which can mask the actual cutting performance.

The Americana Global System


We formulate all cutting compounds and polishes to work in conjunction with our proprietary Americana Global Cutting and Finishing Pads. This product pairs exceptionally well with our Purple Hybrid Cutting pad, Microfiber Cutting pad, and our Yellow Heavy Cut Foam Pad.

Americana Global Catalog

Americana Global Catalog