3 01, 2022

How to Save Time on Paint Correction


Although this is a job best left to the professionals, it’s possible to save some time on paint correction with a couple of tips from the best professionals in the industry. In today's Americana Global Lab blog, we'll dive into some of the facts about the main pain point with auto detailing - correcting car paint.

How to Save Time on Paint Correction2022-01-19T17:39:00-05:00
7 09, 2021

Paint Correction 101 – What is Paint Correction?


Contrary to popular belief, automotive paint is not bulletproof. In fact, the day you pick up that new, shiny car or truck from the dealership, it is likely that it has been contaminated or has suffered mild paint imperfections. To fix these small scratches, swirl marks, and other problems and prepare the vehicle for ceramic coating, paint correction is completed.

Paint Correction 101 – What is Paint Correction?2022-01-03T19:06:34-05:00
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